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Simple Course Verification

Personalized course verification and training for freelance instructors & course creators. Build your credibility, establish trust, and connect your course with learning providers everywhere.

Before You Begin

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend any individual who plans to have their course(s) verified create a free account on Courseography

The full value of course verification will unlock a number of important features, including a visual icon that will be visible to all users on the platform and access to submit your course(s) to schools and learning providers throughout the United States.
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Build your credibility in a few easy steps.

Simple course verification is a personalized training and review process designed to ensure your course and background align with the expectations of schools and learning providers.

Borne out of feedback from schools and providers, course verification gives confidence to learning organizations who seek a reliable way to evaluate the viability of a new instructor or creator, and save time in doing so.

As an instructor in an expansive learning marketplace, your ability to credibly establish who you are and what you teach will be paramount to your success.

It'll give you an added level of trust with providers searching on Courseography and who may be interested in offering your course at their school or organization.

➡️ Read all about how we view the course verification process, what you'll receive, testimonials, and frequently asked questions below.

Why is Simple Course Verification set up as an online course?

The course verification process isn't just about verifying who you are and the course(s) you're proposing to teach. We feel strongly that it's also an instructive, step-by-step process as well. 

We've packaged the verification process as an online course because it gives us greater level of flexibility to educate and connect with you.

In this format, we'll work with you one-on-one, share insights, and deliver tangible resources designed to enhance your credibility.

Your Course. Everywhere.

Once verified, you'll unlock access to submit your course idea to schools and learning providers from one place.

So, whether you plan to teach locally, online, or all of the above, we're here to help you do just that. 

Get verified and find your course a home.

What Instructors & Schools Say

I’d been interested in teaching professional development courses through community colleges for quite some time, but being an outsider to the academic community I felt I didn’t have the credibility, connections, or access to get my foot in the door.  

However, Courseography helped open that door for me, and I’ll be facilitating my first short course next semester!
Dan Sakimoto, Verified Instructor & Communication Expert
This is a fantastic idea. One of the hardest things to do in continuing education is to find new instructors/classes. We want to grow our programs, but do not have a good way to do that because none of us have the time to go out and recruit instructors. Courseography solves that problem. 

This is a one-stop shop. Awesome!”
Debbie Vanschoelandt, Associate Dean, Irvine Valley College
Michael has continuously helped our programs innovate through Courseography, but also through his personal passion to reach all learners.
Frances DeNisco, Program Director, Las Positas College

What You'll Receive

  • A complete review and analysis of your instructor profile by the Founder of Courseography and the former Dean of Community & Continuing Education at De Anza College
  • Verification of up to (3) course ideas/proposals
  • A short 1:1 consultation to discuss the review process and goals of your course business
  • A visible icon attached to your public profile for each verified course listed on Courseography
  • Exclusive access to submit your course idea to our growing list of schools and learning providers throughout the United States
  • Additional resources on compensation and how best to deepen your partnerships with learning organizations

Congratulations, you're verified.

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 4 files Text Icon 4 text files


Completing Your Instructor Profile
Creating & Publishing Your Course Ideas
Course Verification
Course Verification Request Form
Platform Approval & Verification Status
What's Next
Submitting Your Course(s) to Learning Providers
5 mins
One More Thing 😉
Need More Support? Schedule a Coaching Session
Articles & Resources
Why Should Someone Take Your Course?
How Much Will I Make Teaching Online?


Why should I get my course(s) verified?

We developed a course verification process based on feedback from companies, schools, and learning providers. Participating providers want to have confidence that an instructor/course is credible and meets their basic criteria. 

When a program manager has confidence in you, the chances of your course being offered at their school or organization increases significantly.

If you choose not to get your course(s) verified, they will still be visible to any learning provider seeking instructors on the platform; however, you will not obtain a verified designation, nor will you be able to send your proposals directly to learning providers for immediate consideration.

How long will course verification take?

Our goal is to complete the course verification process in 24-48 hours, if not sooner. At times, it may take longer depending on your availability in scheduling the consultation, confirming course information etc.

To expedite the process, we encourage all instructors to be as thorough as possible when completing their profile and course proposals on Courseography. For example, making sure you've uploaded a profile picture, resume, concise course description, and outline are extremely helpful in assisting us in verifying your course quickly.

In select instances, we will issue a provisional verification while we complete the process. If you feel this might apply to you, please contact us for further details.

Why do you charge for course verification?

Course verification is a personalized process and is not automated. A real person will be reviewing your course(s) and contacting you. 

Because we're a small business and entirely self-funded, we need to cover the most basic of costs to continue to build and grow our platform. By charging a modest amount for course verification, you're helping us achieve this goal.

It's our belief that by offering a personalized experience and helping you connect your course efficiently to the lifelong learning marketplace, we'll provide a level of value that far exceeds the cost of verification.

Does verification guarantee a learning provider will offer my course?

While we'd love to guarantee your course will be offered, each company, school, or learning provider will need to make their own determination if your course meets their needs. 

Even if a learning provider elects not to offer your course, you can ask them for valuable feedback. More often than not, if you can tailor a course to the needs/wants of their student community, you may able to offer it there in the future. 

What is your refund policy?

Because course verification is a time-intensive process, once we begin, there are no refunds.