Courseography for Learning Providers by Courseography

Courseography for Learning Providers

An introductory guide on how to use Courseography to find new course ideas, attract instructors, and build a better course catalog.


We recently made a number of updates to Courseography and are in the process of revising this course. We will post updated course modules soon. Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Through simple screen capture and voice-over narrative, you'll be walked through the ins-and-outs of v1.0 of Courseography's course proposal platform. As a learning provider, we'll discuss some of the features available to you, as well as offer some ideas on how you might integrate Courseography into your existing workflow.

What's included?

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Introduction to the Platform
LP Module 1 - The Sign Up Process
4 mins
LP Module 2 - Understanding Your Portal
3 mins
LP Module 3 - Browse & Search Course Proposals
5 mins
LP Module 4 - Maximizing the Full Course Proposal
9 mins
LP Module 5 - Favorite a Course & Contact the Instructor
5 mins
LP Module 6 - Update Account Info & Other Useful Items
5 mins
Easy Implementation for Learning Providers