Courseography for Freelance Instructors by Courseography

Courseography for Freelance Instructors

Learn how to easily propose your course or speaking idea in just minutes and why it makes sense in a growing freelance economy.


We recently made a number of updates to Courseography and are in the process of revising this course. We will post updated course modules soon. Please contact us if you have any questions. 


In this simple screen capture course, we'll give you a brief tour of Courseography's v1.0 proposal platform and offer some insights on how to submit your course proposals quickly and easily. 

What's included?

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Introduction to the Platform
Module 1- Creating a Profile & Course Proposal
7 mins
Module 2 - Your Instructor Portal & Full Proposal View
8 mins
Module 3 - Navigating Courseography & Other Things You Should Know
4 mins
Additional Resources
Why You Should Propose Your Course or Speaking Idea
The Economics of the Course Proposal
Why Local Class Providers are a Smart Strategy for Growing an Audience

Training + Verification for Courseography Users

Whether you're a freelance instructor or an established learning provider, learn how to use Courseography's course idea discovery platform to build your course business - the right way.