Courseography for Freelance Instructors by Courseography

Courseography for Freelance Instructors

Learn how to easily propose your course or speaking idea in just minutes and why it makes sense in a growing freelance economy.


In this simple screen capture course, we'll give you a brief tour of Courseography's v1.0 proposal platform and offer some insights on how to submit your course proposals quickly and easily. 

What's included?

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Introduction to the Platform
Module 1- Creating a Profile & Course Proposal
7 mins
Module 2 - Your Instructor Portal & Full Proposal View
8 mins
Module 3 - Navigating Courseography & Other Things You Should Know
4 mins
Additional Resources
Why You Should Propose Your Course or Speaking Idea
The Economics of the Course Proposal
Why Local Class Providers are a Smart Strategy for Growing an Audience

Training + Verification for Courseography Users

Whether you're a freelance instructor or an established learning provider, learn how to use Courseography's course idea discovery platform to build your course business - the right way.