Course Verification Plus by Courseography

Course Verification Plus

Comprehensive course review, verification, and 1:1 coaching for instructors, experts, and creators. Unlock access to share your courses with learning providers everywhere.

Before You Begin

If you haven't already, we strongly recommend any individual who plans to have their course(s) verified create a free instructor account on Courseography

The full value of course verification will unlock a number of important features, including a visual icon that will be visible to all users on the platform and access to submit your course(s) to schools and learning providers throughout the United States.
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What You'll Receive

  • A complete review and analysis of your instructor profile by the Founder of Courseography and the former Dean of Community & Continuing Education at De Anza College
  • Unlimited verification of all of your course ideas/proposals - forever
  • (3) 45-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to discuss your course business and how best to best find new teaching markets and opportunities
  • A visible icon attached to your public profile for each verified course listed on Courseography
  • A branded and signed course verification letter you can share with schools, learning providers, and organizations
  • Exclusive access to submit your course idea to our growing list of schools and learning providers throughout the United States
  • Your personal course concierge to assist you in notifying schools and navigating their various course selection processes
  • Additional resources on compensation and how best to deepen your partnerships with learning organizations

What's included?

File Icon 3 files Text Icon 6 text files


Completing Your Instructor Profile
Creating & Publishing Your Course Ideas
Course Verification
Verification Plus Request Form
Coaching Sessions
Initial Consultation
Coaching Session #1
Coaching Session #2
Platform Approval & Verification Status
Verification Review Letter
What's Next
Sharing Your Course(s) with Schools & Learning Providers

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